How is the situation of women entrepreneurs in Hungary nowadays?

In Hungary, the owner or manager of almost every third company is a woman, which is from the point of view of the male-female equality of opportunity worldwide can expect a good rate - according to MasterCard's Women's Entrepreneurship Index prospecting.

In MasterCard Women's Entrepreneurship Index, the developed countries were the leader ones - New Zealand (74.41) leads, followed by Canada (72.4) and the US (69.9). In these countries, we find the best conditions for women entrepreneurs: strong and cohesive small and medium entrepreneurs, government background and supportive environment to help progress.

The top 10 countries where women have a favorable position to start a business:

1. New Zealand - 74.4 2.Canada - 72.4 3.United States - 69.9 4.Sweden - 69.6 5.Singapore - 69.5 6.Belgium - 69.0 7.Australia - 68.5 8.Philippine Islands - 68.4 9.United Kingdom - 67.9 10.Thailand - 67.5

Hungary finished at the 34th place in the overall index. The proportion of women entrepreneurs in Hungary is 27.8 %. In this respect, our place is at the15th. But the situation is not so good if you are investigating whether the women compared to men how easy reach senior positions, receive favorable treatment in loan application or help them with entrepreneurial programs. In this context, Hungary is at the 35th place in the list. But if we examine the factors that women are the drawbacks faced with a financial partner, or even in higher education, has been ranked 42nd in the academic field - MasterCard Women's Entrepreneurship Index prospecting.

According to the index, we can say that in countries where conditions are more favorable to the business opportunity-driven, that is the way forward motivate them so they achieve greater success. In contrast to countries where the conditions are less favorable, they are struggling to survive, need-driven business features are the characteristics.

The lack of financial support or capital, regulatory constraints and institutional shortcomings are the greatest obstacle to women in starting their businesses. Additionally, a lack of belief in themselves and entrepreneurial motivation, a strong fear of failure, socio-cultural barriers and a lack of education and training. Almost in all the 54 involved countries in this research were found at least one of these restraining factor.

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